Dramatic Sunset

4 03 2010

Dramatic Sunset

For a years I’m been thinking and searching what is suite me in photographic. Whether potraits, photojournalism, sports or bla..bla… But now, i’m already find it…”Dramatic landscape”. It’s a combination’s from plain landscape+hdr+lomo+night+”my brain”=Dramatic Landscape …i’m used to hate landscape photography, but for now….i love it!!!! and of course in different POV and approach. Always in my mind when composing a photos…”think about whats it is you think other people never think about it”

**ranking no.1 what is I’m really hate…..=photos uploaded by others showing “someone posing with his/her cameras”..please stop this!!!. Don’t act like Hindi film star, singing or playing music instrument well in the movie but in the real world…they r rubbish. Actually they’re just wanna shown their gears..nothings more…..and other photos r rubbish.

My Flickr gallery are full of rubbish too..but i’ll still keep on track to focusing more on the photography itself not the camera…not the “MegaPixel”…not the “Brand” …That’s why i’m really not interested to publish all my images for public viewers. Until “West and East” are equall….

the obsession of an amateur




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