Bokeh tree…..what is ‘Bokeh’ mean to you?

30 01 2011

My Flickr gallery will reach 200 photos soon, I really need PRO account to continue posting photos to Flickr! Is theresomeones sincere enough to give a Flickr-PRO account as a gift?

This photos was shot at Pantai Chenang, Langkawi…….it’s been long enough never attach the ‘nifty-fifty’ since the Tokina sealed to my camera….


Bokeh Tree...
Some technicality:ISO 200, 50mm f1.8, 1/50sec Manual!

Into the sea…

21 03 2010

Into the sea…, originally uploaded by dinbrasco.

I’m having problem when uploading image with RGB colour space into the Flickr, which is blue colour tend to be more magentas and looking dull.

Already refer to the Trey Ratchliff video about “How Colourspace work in Photoshop”


but the problem seem to be the same. Yes its is does not look obvious but for me it’s not satisfying my visions.

Is that my monitors need for colour calibrations??

Does anyone know how to prevent this problem..??

Dance to the dawn…

21 03 2010

Dance to the dawn…, originally uploaded by dinbrasco.

Shot this picture 07.07am just before the Sunrise. This is actually my first sunrise photoshot with my “shooter” partner Mr. RealVista. We doing very last minute planning but luckily weather are good not like the other days back


On My List for Month-End Shopping
Cokin Filter

Nikkor 35mm f/2
Nikkor 85mm f/1.8

I do love prime lens very much

Butterworth at night….

26 02 2010

Butterwoth at night…., originally uploaded by dinbrasco.

it’s been quite sometime i never go out for night photography outing, This photo taken in mids of November last years. Its not well expose but find interesting to do some experiment…and …the result is violaa!!