Understanding Shutter/Flash Sync in 9 minutes..

6 02 2011

Everything you need to know about flash sync only in 9 minutes…

Also take a moment to visit Paul Duncan blog with also lot’s of good photographic information.


Hitler finds out his Nikon D7000 is not shipping until November

18 10 2010

I rather wait than changed to Sony Alpha, or adding Alpha as a backup in drybox! How bout’ you?!

Chase Jarvis Testing New Nikon Baby-D7000

15 09 2010

you amaze with this new baby?

for more info and spec pls visit here! and pls leave your comment!

This wekend project!!!

29 07 2010

The Making of a large fix apertureLens……

27 04 2010

Here’s an interesting three-part series that shows the creation of a Canon 500mm f/4.0L IS lens. It’s a neat look at the guts of glass, and an opportunity to see how exactly the various components of a lens are created and put together.

You get to see the entire process, starting with raw materials and ending with the finished, $6,000 lens.

Seeing how fine-tuned many of the steps in the process have to be, it’s no wonder these lenses can end up costing as much as a car.

Wrap a texture or pattern around an object – Photoshop Week 30

15 04 2010

Customize your DSLR

2 04 2010

Sapa berani??…Are u daring enough??